We are a non-profit speaking club run by volunteers under the auspices of Toastmasters International. We are passionate about public speaking and are enthusiastic to support each other to develop their confidence in speaking and communication skills.


Members will receive:

■ Educational program and materials

■ Monthly magazine

■ Free workshops

■ Mentorship  

■ Peer evaluation

■ Speaking opportunities


■ Greater self-confidence

■ Confidence in public speaking

■ Improved communication skills

■ Becoming a more effective communicator and leader


Membership fees

Our membership fees are used to cover dues and fees payable to Toastmasters International and costs and expenses of running our club meetings. Dues and fees are payable in advance and are not refundable or transferable from one member to another. Our club is a private association and we reserve the right to reject a membership application.

1. New member fee: HK$300 (payable if you never joined a Toastmasters club before)

2. Membership dues: HK$1,920 (paid once a year by all members, membership due are pro-rated from the member's start month up to and including March next year)

Start month (pro-rated membership dues, HKD)

■ April              $1,920

■ May               $1,760

■ June               $1,600

■ July                 $1,440

■ August           $1,280

■ September     $1,120

■ October         $960

■ November     $800

■ December     $640

■ January          $480 + $1,920 = $2,400

■ February        $320 + $1,920 = $2,240

■  March            $160 + $1,920 = $2,080

Total payment: Total of 1 and 2


The following payment methods are accepted:

1. Bank transfer

2. Payme/Fast Payment System(FPS)

Details of payment information are set out in Part 2 of the Membership Application form in the link below.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining the Centraler Toastmasters Club, please visit our meetings as a guest. We only accept membership application from guests who have attended two of our meetings.


If you have attended two of our meetings, you may access and submit your application form here:


Membership Application for Centraler Toastmasters Club



Your membership application will be processed by us upon completion of this Membership Application accompanied by full payment of membership fee and applicable dues.


For questions, please contact